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There is limited support for Zimbabwe’s education system and it has become very difficult to access textbooks to support the new academic curriculum. 


We are delighted to share that we have managed to purchase 2,200 textbooks and that by working with Imvelo Safari Lodges, we have distributed 1,400 of these across 14 schools south of Hwange National Park's southern boundary. Read more about this here


The remaining purchased textbooks were distributed as part of a pilot home schooling programme spearheaded by Imvelo Safari Lodges in April 2021. Read more about this here

Oxford University Press Africa has very generously donated the remaining 28,000 textbooks it has in stock that are specific to the new Zimbabwean curriculum. A value of over £285 000 !

We are currently fundraising to help get these textbooks up to Zimbabwe and will then work with partners on the ground, including Imvelo Safari Lodges, to distribute these to schools and children who live in rural, isolated and impoverished communities near or with wildlife.  

Awareness of the importance of conservation as well as general education play a crucial role in safeguarding wildlife and exposing people to different socio-economic opportunities. 


Without education, there is no hope for true community engagement in wildlife conservation – education must start in the classroom and with the right resources. Livelihoods in these communities are often burdened by erratic and difficult environmental circumstances, human-wildlife conflicts, hunger and lack of important resources. 


Let’s provide children and teachers in these challenging areas with the right materials to learn and empower them to better live with and protect their wildlife.  


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