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 Who we are 



John is a project manager at the University of Cambridge working on social and environmental sustainability projects including working with rural communities in Kenya. He hopes to use this network alongside his financial management skills to support his role as trustee. John has a passion for travelling and African wildlife and enjoys discovering new areas. 

 John Pharoah 


Mike lives and works in the UK and is the Managing Director of a successful Design and Build company.
He is a Major in his father’s Private regiment, the Atholl Highlanders and was commissioned in by his Grand Father the 11th Duke of Atholl in 2008. Having grown up in rural South Africa, he has always maintained a deep connection with nature, especially Africa, and is a keen fly fisherman.


 Michael Murray 


 James Koch 


James was born, raised and educated in Zimbabwe with his family first arriving there in 1892. He worked within the wildlife management and conservation Industry for many years before immigrating to the UK in 1994. James knows the bush extremely well and obtained his Guides license in 1985. He makes sure to take a break from being CEO of a Distribution company in the UK to return back home once a year and volunteer when possible.

Executive Director

Originally from Europe, Hannah first came to Zimbabwe in 2011 with her mum and volunteered at Imire Wildlife Conservancy where she got to spend time up close and personal with the ranch’s rhinos and elephants. As fate would have it, she is back in Zimbabwe nearly a decade later, after stints in  Madagascar with the WWF, in Peru with Plant Your Future and at the University of Cambridge. She is working on community and conservation projects, especially in and around Hwange National Park.


 Hannah Tranter 


 Daniel Terblanche 

Anti-poaching advisor

Dan was born and bred in Zimbabwe and is currently running the anti-poaching operations and training for a group of scouts south of Hwange National Park. Dan gained some experience overseas in various theatres and has brought these experiences back to his home country in the hope of making a difference within the conservation community.

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