Reduce costs of 

 wildlife to communities 

What are the costs of wildlife to communities?

Wild areas, especially the African bush, are home to large populations of elephants, lions, cheetahs, buffalo, giraffe...making them very attractive holiday destinations for tourists. This wildlife, however, is a big burden for locals. Unfortunately, the communities living along the borders of protected wildlife areas are suffering from elephants relentlessly raiding crops and lions and hyenas attacking their livestock. It’s an all too common occurrence and people feel that their lives, and their livelihoods, are very much at risk.


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What we do

Reduce costs of wildlife to communities

What is the Foundation doing?

A number of villages located along the southern border of Zimbabwe’s National Park often come into conflict with wildlife, with animals wandering into villages looking for food or water; elephants are particularly problematic animals in these areas and destroy fields destined to feed a family for a year within minutes. The Foundation is supporting efforts to reduce the costs of wildlife to communities by providing access to water within the park so animals do not wander beyond its borders, by establishing proper fencing and by supporting the use of lookout guards.

Imvelo Safari Lodges

Imvelo Safari Lodges

Im elo Safari Lodges

How your donation might be used:

  • Employ and equip ‘lookout guards’: £200 per guard per month

  • Supply electric, mobile and living fencing (chilli, beehives, etc): £1,000 per homestead

  • Build water pumps and drill boreholes for animals: £10,000 to drill a new borehole and pump a waterhole that is visited by around 1,000 elephants a day, as well as by a number of other animals; £5,000 to install a solar unit to pump 3,000 litre a day and £15,000 to install a solar hybrid borehole pump.


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