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 wildlife initiatives 

What we do

Support community-based wildlife initiatives

Imvelo Safari Lodges

Imvelo Safari Lodges

Why community-based wildlife initiatives?

While communities often live alongside wildlife, they rarely see the benefits generated by the tourism that this wildlife attracts. When given stewardship of the land they live on and the wildlife they live with, communities can directly reap benefits from their conservation efforts and ensure these are sustained. Community-owned wildlife sanctuaries and community-based enterprises can significantly improve their livelihoods.


Imvelo Safari Lodges

Imvelo Safari Lodges

What is the Foundation doing?

Villagers living near and with wildlife need to better engage with wildlife conservation ambitions and develop community-based initiatives, including those that protect wildlife on their own lands and within sanctuaries. Training and resources are required to facilitate this. The Foundation is supporting these efforts by helping fund initial investments into community-owned and managed wildlife conservation projects.


How your donation might be used:

  • Engage the local communities through education and workshops with the assistance of field and other experts: £500 per village per year

  • Resources and materials to build community-based conservation projects that build capacity, empower and become self-sustaining/financing

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