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 Community Rhino 

 Conservation Initiative 

The Camelthorn Foundation is supporting the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative on communal lands along Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park boundary.

The Community Rhino Conservation Initiative (CRCI) has just

welcomed its first two rhino, Thuza and Kusasa, to the Imvelo

Ngamo sanctuary, located on grazing land of the Ngamo


In 1985, Hwange National Park had 100 white rhino; by the

1990s, poaching was rampant. In 2007, the last white rhino

was seen and killed by foreign poachers near Ngamo in the

southern part of the Park. The Community Rhino Conservation

Initiative aims to re-introduce rhino to this part of Zimbabwe

in a highly secure and sustainable way to eventually

accommodate a viable population of free roaming black

and white rhino.

The Community Rhino Conservation Initiative places local communities at the heart of conservation efforts and engages them as rhino custodians for them to reap directly from the Initiative's benefits, and facilitate community-based conservation. 

The Camelthorn Foundation supports CRCI by supplying kit and uniform to the Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Unit, a group of scouts responsible for the security and protection of the rhinos. 

Find out more about CRCI  here 

The rhino were first identified and captured in Malilangwe, in the south eastern part of the country.


After monitoring their condition for two weeks, they were taken 750km to the other side of Zimbabwe.


The rhinos have settled into their new home at the Imvelo Ngamo sanctuary, adjacent to Hwange National Park.

Thuza and Kusasa inside-min.png

The proposed site

The Cobras Community Wildlife Protection scouts have been training for a long time and are ready to protect and care for the rhino as best they can. 


Find out more on the CRCI website:

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