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 Smile and See 

The Camelthorn Foundation contributed to a Smile and See programme of mobile dental and optometry clinics delivered around Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park in both 2021 and 2022.

We partnered with several organisations including Smile is a Foundation, Imvelo Safari Lodges and the D3 Foundation to deliver mobile dental and optometry clinics in rural and isolated villages around Hwange National Park. The Foundation's first contributed to the programme that ran in November of 2021 and, despite stringent covid-19 regulations and complicated logistics, the team on the ground managed to carry out over 4000 dental and eye treatments (including 751 fluoride applications), distribute over 2500 sunglasses and 1300 prescription glasses and hand out over 2000 toothbrushes.

In December 2022, the Foundation contributed to another Smile and See programme, during which over 5000 patients were treated (including over 1400 dental patients, over 2100 eye care patients and 1480 school children provided fluoride applications).

The Smile and See Programme has been ongoing for a number of years around Hwange National Park. In these isolated areas, people do not have access to dental services and eye care is often overlooked; women cooking over open flames and in the smoke, community members working outdoors with eyes unprotected from the blazing sun. Providing much needed dental and eye care to the rural villagers living along the boundary is essential to their wellbeing, in turn this is fundamental if they are expected to take care not only of themselves, but also of the wildlife they live with. 

In 2022, the Smile and Programme identified 234 people needing cataract surgery. In 2023, we hope to be able to help as many people with this as possible. It costs £200 to provide life changing cataracts surgery for 1 patient.


Contact us to find out more or support this cause  here  


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