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 Join a virtual 

 wildlife “Pump Run”! 

Walk, run, swim, cycle, skate, row... a virtual “Pump Run" trail across the southern part of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park and support water pumping efforts!


By doing so, you'll discover the water holes where the Water4Wildlife Trust is pumping water to support the area's amazing wildlife. Don't drag behind too much, there are lions, buffalos and elephant about!

As the dry season looms, the Water4Wildlife Trust carries out its first "Pump Run" of the season over a stretch of 90 kilometres - to visit 6 waterholes and install engines, repair any faulty solar panels, repair and maintain troughs, ensure pump attendant cabins are in a good state and more.

Then, throughout the dry season, the Trust carries out “Pump Runs” every couple of weeks, leaving one of its lodges, Bomani Tented Lodge or Camelthorn Lodge, with diesel, food and maintenance supplies. These Pump Runs are vital as they ensure that 6 solar hybrid pumps in the southern area of the park are pumping to full capacity, that Pump Attendants on site are fed and happy and that the waterholes are supporting as much wildlife as possible! It is quite the operation, especially through the dry and thick Kalahari sands, but is essential to conserving the area’s rich wildlife! 

Find out more about Pumping Water for Hwange’s Wildlife  here   


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